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Frank MacKay is Breaking Down the Long Island Serial Killer from a unique vantage point.

Breaking it Down’s Frank MacKay has taken on the establishment his whole life.  The former nightclub owner turned long-time political chairman, turned nationally syndicated talk show host, knows a little something about life on Long Island, NY. 

Catch the latest podcasts here, or listen for new episodes on Wednesdays from 2-3 pm EST on LI News Radio, 103.9 FM in New York. 

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Are you interested in detailed and comprehensive information on the Gilgo murders? 

We recommend A map of locations is available here:

The LISK Series On the Air

The LISK Documentary Series - Video Previews

Frank MacKay has been Breaking it Down on his nationally syndicated radio show for more than a decade. In 2020, MacKay, who is from Suffolk County Long Island, joined a growing movement of people concerned about the lack of action by local officials to solve the "Long Island Serial Killer" case, and began digging deep into unsolved mystery. His LISK SERIES on Breaking it Down became one of the most talked about shows on Long Island, drawing thousands of listeners each week. Look for the LISK documentary coming out in 2022.

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